How to share video content on social media

How to Share Videos on Your Clinic or Shelter’s Facebook Page

  1. Download the desired video from the Promotions page.
  2. Navigate to your brand’s Facebook page.
  3. Click Photo/Video at the top of your brand page’s News Feed or Timeline.
  4. Choose the video downloaded in step 1 for upload to Facebook.
  5. Enter a Video Title and Video Tag under the “Basic” tab. See the Tips section for more information on Video Titles and Video Tags.
  6. Choose a thumbnail for the video from the options provided by Facebook.
  7. Write a message to your community in the “Write something…” text entry field. See the Tips section for more information on writing
  8. Click Publish.



  1. Video titles, mentioned in step 5, should be short but descriptive enough to summarize the video’s content. Be sure to include links to your website or if applicable.
  2. Video tags, mentioned in step 5, are optional but will make your video more discoverable. Recommended video tags include “Helping lost pets” and “microchipping implant (animal).”
  3. The message to your community, mentioned in step 7, should be short, descriptive and include a call to action; For example, “Microchipping pets gives them the best chance of being identified and reunited with their pet parents if they ever go missing. Call our office today to schedule an appointment or learn more about pet microchipping on”
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